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The Connor Communications B2B Wholesale Ordering Platform is an advanced, enterprise-level platform designed for today’s global business marketplace.

The platform can be used as:

  • As a B2B customer portal, to allow them to place pre-orders directly
  • As a sales tool, for manufacturer’s internal and external sales teams to place electronic pre-orders

The adaption of our platform streamlines efficiencies and allows a manufacturer to gain real-time insights while their reps are on the road, at tradeshows, or in market.

A snapshot of the benefits include:

  • Real-time Sales person and Sales Management Reporting
  • Customer service teams can focus on customers, instead of the manual processes involved with paper orders
  • Faster billing and order processing
  • Seamless branding between B2B and B2C marketing
  • Faster order writing for sales people
  • Reduced frustration from customers with a slow, archaic way taking and processing orders

The Connor Communications B2B
Wholesale Ordering Platform
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