Maarti DeFonce

Maarti DeFonce
Business Strategist/Principal,
Connor Communications

Maarti DeFonce, Owner and President of Connor Communications, is a 20-year creative and marketing professional, working in both the B2B and B2C business sectors.

Maarti’s up-close and in-depth relationships with manufacturers, selling partners and end-users has resulted in a unique expertise in bridging communication gaps between various groups of people. Her understanding of business, combined with the intelligent application of creativity and technology, has resulted in the mastery of visual communications and social technologies. In today’s ever-changing business environment, Maarti has been able to consistently demonstrate creative ways to solve a variety of complex business communications issues, resulting in sustainable, measurable results.

Edgagement(SM) Overview

Everyone agrees… technology has forever changed how we communicate information about our products or services. This includes how manufacturers communicate with their selling partners or B2B customers, as well as how shoppers learn about products. However, an age-old question remains: How does a manufacturer measure which selling partners have the appropriate amount of knowledge about their products – and react accordingly? While technology has created an abundance of resources to consume content, there has never been a mechanism to measure knowledge in a fast and simple way. As time went on, it became clear that there was an opportunity to develop a technology platform which streamlines processes, information, and outcomes.

Edgagement takes a unique approach to the 2-way conversation between various groups. We create learning modules which are geared for the mobile lifestyle – that are designed to be consumed quickly, on any device and all measurable – and distribute them to selling partners based on what they need and want… and nothing they don’t. We use modern education principles, which have been proven in school districts across the country, that can provide a direct correlation between what people know about your products and how much of it they are selling.