About Us

Connor Communications converges classic commercial art disciplines such as advertising and branding with contemporary communication tools such as social technologies to manage messaging and branding across all communication platforms. We utilize marketing insight, design expertise and information technology to help our clients master the challenges of doing business in today’s ever-changing retail, digital, mobile and social marketplace.

Our guiding principals are simple: to always seek and present the best solutions possible by optimizing the marriage of creativity and technology, and to approach our work in a consultative way both internally and externally to our clients. By teaming designers and developers, we catapult our work far beyond each individual discipline, and our clients benefit from the cross-pollination of ingenious creativity and practical application.

Our staff of seasoned designers, technologists, and business innovators have been an intrigual part of our 15 year success.


The Evolution of Design Innovation

Innovation happens by being brave enough to be first, to relentlessly pursue being the best, and to understand the history behind certain business challenges. At Connor Communications, we incorporate this thinking in to everything we do for our clients. By doing so, we are able to solve old problems with new thinking, apply new technology to old communication roadblocks, and redefine insights, opportunities and possibilities.

We are champions of change; we embrace it and the fast paced world of digital communications and web development. We view change as an opportunity to differentiate our customers from their competition. The evolution of design innovation occurs by understanding current trends, how these trends affect future development requirements, and being prepared with the tools and techniques to meet the demands of the marketplace.